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Low cost credit repair marketing: Say hello to guerilla marketing

Credit Repair businesses, especially start-up’s, have to be cash conscious when it comes to their marketing expenses. Money is tight and they don’t have an endless pool of money to spend on marketing. Meet our 800 pound friend, Guerilla marketing. Guerilla marketing involves getting the word out about your credit repair business without spending large amounts of money in traditional advertising. In fact, most tactics of guerilla marketing are very inexpensive and often free.

Local Market
Most credit repair businesses tend to do the bulk of their business within their local community, typically within a 50 – 100 mile radius. If this sounds like your company, you don’t need to spend tons of money on trying to reach the masses. Instead, focus your efforts in your community. This can involve window decals for your automobile with your phone number and web site url, yard signs, t-shirts, a word of mouth campaign, create business cards and pass them out frantically, sell to friends and family, attend local events, join networking and business groups, hold “free” credit seminars at the local conference center, develop a referral program for mortgage and loan officers, and “toot your own horn” every chance you get (word of mouth). Your goal is to generate a buzz about your credit repair service. Gauge your success by how many new relationships are made each month.

Online Marketing
The same concept of local marketing is indispensible online. If you have a web site you can advertise online for dollars a day. You can rank your web site on top of the search engine rankings with a pay-per-click campaign. Using Yahoo! Sponsored Search and Google Adwords, you can control how much you spend with budgeting tools. The key is to select keywords that stay under the radar of the credit repair giants with a focus on your local market. Targeting the term “Tampa Credit Repair” is going to be far cheaper that “Florida Credit Repair” or “Credit Repair”. The goal is to isolate your search engine listing and online advertising dollars in the location you want to do business.

If you have your web site up (if you don’t, hurry up and get it running), set up a blog. You can write about credit repair, credit scoring, personal finance, etc. Blogging is much like having a conversation with your target market: a credit repair prospect. A blog combined with a content-rich web site can be a powerful lead generation tool. Nowadays, companies like Godaddy.com allow you to set up everything yourself with little to no tech savvy required. A blog will help you gain exposure and portray you as an expert in the credit repair field.

Direct Mail
Direct mail is everywhere and it is one of the most effective marketing tools available. If you are not using it, you could be missing out. Once again, the key to a successful campaign is to target Individual or group mailings to a specific ZIP. The mailings can include letters, ads or coupons. You can send direct mail for $300 to $6,000 per mailing depending on the location, number of pieces, printing, and postage costs. One of the least expensive ways to implement a direct mail campaign is to team up with a related business. For example you could team up with a mortgage shop and do a “credit repair & mortgage refinance special”. Don’t be afraid to make your ad “Scream” for attention. The book “Wizard of Ads” explains, “The customers who cost you money are the ones you never see, the ones who didn’t buy because your ads never got their attention.” So make your ad dollars count.

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