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New Features & Customer Portal Preview!!

We are ecstatic to be releasing version 2 of our credit repair software.  We have tons of great features and improvements that we are releasing that would not be possible if it weren’t for all our customers’ great feedback and suggestions.  Keep it coming!!

After launching in May, we have spent the past few months gathering all the feedback we have received from customers, adding some of our brainstorming, working non-stop, and preparing the next release of DisputeSuite.

Our goal was to focus on making the “core” credit repair process even faster. I consider the core process to be entering new customers, inputting credit reports, creating dispute letters and recording dispute letter results (the entire credit repair cycle).   Before we started releasing great features like the customer portal (we will take you through a preview in the video below), we felt it was essential to make the core credit repair process as efficient and fast as possible in DisputeSuite.

We came up with some pretty amazing stuff. Check out the webinar we did (customer portal preview as well):

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