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DisputeSuite offers FREE training videos

Even the easiest software can be intimidating at first. That’s why we created a series of video tutorials to help you learn the software in no time.

Training Videos make learning software easy!

Even the easiest software can be intimidating at first. At DisputeSuite we’ve created FREE video tutorials to make learning our software even simpler. DisputeSuite is already very user-friendly, similar to software applications you use everyday. However, credit repair can be complicated, and help files are boring to read.

How many people actually read the instructions that come with a new stereo or digital camera??? We don’t either…and we figured the same is true for software.

That’s why we recently updated the DisputeSuite training section with a full series of video tutorials. No reading, just sit back and learn. Brett Ryckman, the man who created this cutting edge system, will walk you through each section of the application, with simple, detailed explanations. You get a clear description of:

  • The letter template system
  • The template library
  • Customer management
  • The furnisher directory
  • The credit reporting system
  • Creating dispute letters
  • Managing dispute letters
  • Administration

How can you learn more?

If you are a current user of DisputeSuite select the “Help & Videos” link in the top right of application

Visit us today at www.DisputeSuite.com, to learn more about the fastest, most cost-effective way for you to do credit repair.

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